Little Feet Montessori and Day Care was launched in year 2000 by Danusha Wijesinghe to help parents with the upbringing of children by identifying the needs of a child, educating them towards future learning experiences while overcoming learning difficulties. The sense of approach towards education in a child during formative years is the core foundation of a child’s future. It needs much care and guidance. Little Feet Montessori and Day Care has nurtured this concept successfully over the past 15 years. The colorful pleasing environment attracts kids to an atmosphere that reflects a child’s world.

It definitely is a ‘Home away from Home.’




Danusha Wijesinghe

Danusha Wijesinghe, Founder and Directress of Little Feet Montessori and Day Care is well experienced and qualified in the Montessori Method of teaching and child psychology. She received her Diplomas in Montessori Methods of education, Child Psychology & Child development and  Learning Difficulties .  She is a member of Pre-school Learning Alliance U.K. She acquired her music skills from Trinity College of Music , London  and The Royal Schools of Music ,London.

Danusha’s creative activities have guided children towards care for nature, society and culture through many projects making it a vast learning experience for children during their formative years. Children have a spontaneous reaction to knowledge through activities. Danusha promotes such programmers in the best interest of the child. She has 15 years’ experience in teaching children from their formative stage.

Speech therapy classes for learning difficulties has found many children accomplish their academic levels. Food menu too is a major part of the school’s curriculum as Danusha believes in ’A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.’