Director’s Message

Dear Parent,

directorWe are a child care center with a mission of providing safe child care and quality Montessori education for children of busy working parents in the private and public sector, while enhancing children’s learning abilities through a diverse range of learning techniques.


We take care to ensure that children will experience a true homely environment, which is of paramount importance of their development and happiness. We organize various activities for day care children daily throughout the year to make them feel homely.  Further we do our best for children of similar backgrounds to create synergy for their social development and growth.

Dedicated Child Play Areas

We maintain dedicated child play areas to provide opportunities for children to move freely.  We have installed balancing and climbing equipment that enable children to develop new skills, strength and confidence.

Montessori and Pre-school

We provide Montessori and pre-school education for children above two and a half years in our well-equipped Montessori.  We adopt the concept of early learning goals which is recommended for pre-schools in the UK.  In fact, we adopt UK techniques that are tailor made to suit the local environment.

Developing Program for Learning Difficulties

We provide facilities for learning difficulties to help children develop early stage personality and overcome learning difficulties within a caring family circle and society through active participation in our educational program. Speech therapy lessons, occupational therapy, and herbal treatment through pressure point treatment are methods used to develop children with learning difficulties.



A baby creche is available for infants from 4 months onwards with all the facilities to make him/her feel at home, secure and safe.


We have a play group for kids above 1 ½ years to 2 ½ years with flexible hours, and a Quality Day Care as per the aspirations of both the child and parents.

We accommodate only twenty children for day care, who are from 4 months and 12 years with the intension of providing quality care.  We provide safe, well ventilated, clean accommodation together with proper bedding.  We are committed to maintain cleanliness in every part of the “day care”.  Our staff too adheres to strict hygienic standards.  Thus we ensure that the care given will be over and above what is expected of “Day Care “centers in general.  Our services range from full day to half day child care from Monday to Saturday.  Nevertheless please discuss your specific requirement with us as we are flexible to cater to your special needs.


As a mother of two children I am very well aware of your concerns in selecting a center. So I invite you to visit us and experience the difference.  We at Little Feet are committed to providing quality care for your precious child and assure you peace of mind.


Thank you

Yours sincerely

Deshakirthi Sasanamamaka Janahithakami,
Danusha Manchanayaka Wijesinghe